25 - 06 - 2021

On the afternoon of 25th June 2021, at the office of the Ministry of Finance, the representative of AEON Group granted VND 25 billion in the ceremony of donation to the Vietnam Fund for Vaccination Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019.

The ceremony welcomed attending of the Economy Minister of Japan in Vietnam, the Minister of Ministry of Finance, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the representatives of AEON Group in Vietnam.

The representatives of AEON Group in Vietnam granted 25 billion VND to the Vietnam Fund fo Vaccination Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019

Mr. Ho Duc Phoc - Minister of Finance spoke at the ceremony

Receiving the contribution of AEON Group, Mr. Ho Duc Phoc - Minister of Finance said: "We really appreciate and thank AEON Group for your enthusiasm and genuinity in supporting Vietnam Covid-19 prevention. The Vietnam Vaccine Fund will be effectively used to buy for the community vaccination. It is the donation from businesses that will contribute to the prevention of the pandemic and the development of Vietnam in general."

Mr. Do Thang Hai - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade spoke at the ceremony

At the ceremony, Mr. Do Thang Hai - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade highly appreciated the noble and humane gesture of AEON Group in contributing to the Vietnam Fund for Vaccination Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019. "This is not only an obligation and responsibility to the community and society, but also presents a compassionate heart, a heart-to-heart connection, demonstrating the spirit of global cohesion regardless of boundary in order to make a great contribution to the protection of public health” - said Mr. Hai.

Mr. Okabe Daisuke - Economic Ambassador of Japan spoke at the ceremony

Enocomy Minister of Japan in Vietnam – Mr Okabe Daisuke had a speech at the ceremony: “The contribution of AEON Group also represents the desire and determination of Japanese businesses to join hands with Vietnam to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, today Japan once again decided to support Vietnam with another 1 million Covid-19 vaccine doses, so total quantity until now is nearly 2 million doses. This is the result of telegraphs between President Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide. We will always support the efforts of the Vietnam government and continue to give our utmost support as a far-reaching strategic partner and friend of Vietnam.”

With the retailer’s mission to contribute to enriching the lives of the people in ASEAN countries including Vietnam, AEON Group donated 25 billion VNDs to the Vietnam Fund fo Vaccination Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019, to respond the call of the Prime Minister about the synergy for supporting the purchase of vaccine and vaccination for people and labor force. Thereby ensure “safety and security” in the local communities and help take measures against pandemic control, recover the economy.

Mr. Furusawa Yasuyuki, General Director of AEON Vietnam, shared “Vietnamese people are now making every effort to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, AEON Group decide to donate to Vietnam Vaccine Fund. Because we thought that is the time when we send the sincerest thanks to our customers who support our business and take action in accordance with AEON Basic Principles – pursuing peace, respecting humanity and contributing to local community. We hope that AEON’s donation will support Vietnam by joining hands with Government to realize the goal of early vaccination for people.”

Until now, in Vietnam, AEON Group has 8 member affiliates, which are AEON Vietnam, AEONMALL Vietnam, AEON Delight Vietnam, AEON TOPVALU Vietnam, AEON CITIMART Vietnam, MINISTOP Vietnam, AEON Fantasy Vietnam and ACS Trading Vietnam.

With the basic principles of "Pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customer's point of view as its core", AEON Group will continue to stand side by side with the community and Vietnam Government in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, join hands with Government in realizing the dual goals of "maintaining and developing socio-economic" and "fighting against the epidemic" toward a sustainable developing future in Vietnam.


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