The AEON Group's business philosophy is not only to develop shopping malls, but also many other activities to contribute to improving the local environment and society.

Our basic principle when opening a new business in the localities is the harmonious combination between the shopping mall business and the protection and improvement of the quality of the living environment and society.

Currently, even at the shopping mall that we are constructing, we also closely monitor the construction site so as not to affect the local environment and natural resources.

In addition, we consulted, listened to the comments of employees and decided to organize periodically this meaningful collective activity. In the future, we also want to periodically organize this environmental cleaning activity

We have planted trees around the AEON MALL Long Bien. And towards the opening of AEON MALL Long Bien, we have sponsored sports equipment for more than 10 parks in Long Bien district.

In the near future, we are also researching and considering implementing other activities in the areas around the AEON MALL Long Bien. This park cleaning activity is something that all of our staff can participate. And when implementing this plan, we choose Hoan Kiem as the first place, and at the same time we hope to organize more times.

【Time, place】
Time: 08:00 am on 3 October 2015
Location: Around the area of Ly Thai To Flower Garden

AEON MALL Vietnam Co., Ltd. Mr. Yukio Konishi - General Director
(The operator and manager of AEON MALL Long Bien)
AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. Mr. Tadahiko Ishikawa - Director of AEON Mall Long Bien
And all employees of the two companies.