(Ho Chi Minh City, May 25, 2018), Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training cooperated with AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. to organize the Final Round of "AEON English Speech Contest 2018" for High school students in Ho Chi Minh City at AEON Mall Binh Tan.

In order to enable high school students in Asia to explore, discuss social, economic, and health issues and learn from each other through teamwork activities; thereby raise the awareness of the young generation about health and social problems, nurture the young leader generation for the future, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training has cooperated with AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. organized "AEON English Speech Contest 2018" for high school students in Ho Chi Minh City. he contests also contributes to diversify more useful playgrounds to help students have more motivation in learning and improve their English skills every day.

With the theme "Scientific diet in the educational environment in Vietnam", this year, preliminary round has attracted many students from all over Ho Chi Minh City. This year, they must design images and messages to express their views on issues related to diet in today's school environment. In general, most of the submissions are carefully invested in their images and ideas; demonstrates the young generation's thinking and clear views on issues related to food and scientific diet in the educational environment in particular and the community in general. At the end of the preliminary round, the contest selected 20 excellent contestants to participate in the final round.

At the final round of contest held on May 25, 2018 at AEON Mall Binh Tan, each contestant presented their speech in English about the content "Scientific diet in the education environment in Vietnam” within 5 minutes. At the end of the contest, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training and AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd selected 09 best contestants to represent Ho Chi Minh City participated in the Asia Youth Leaders 2018 Program with students from 5 other countries: Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The program is scheduled to take place from August 19 to August 25, 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia with the theme "Issues of eating habits in Indonesia and suggestions for improvement" sponsored by the AEON 1% Club Foundation.

Accompanying the competition, AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. wishes to have more opportunities to share and enhance the value of life for local people where AEON located. AEON hopes the program will continue to be maintained and spread more widely in the coming years to educate awareness, propagate and create a wide effect for the younger generation in caring about their own health and the community right from the smallest action today, towards a better community in the future.

With the philosophy of not only focusing on investment in business but also paying attention to the quality, the surrounding environment and bringing sustainable development values to the community, always aiming to enhance life in every place where AEON is present; Every year, AEON has other meaningful social programs such as supporting to build schools, student exchange programs, tree planting activities, afforestation activities in many localities in Vietnam ... join hands with the people to build up the long-term and sustainable development of the local community.

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[About Aeon]

AEON is one of the Japan's Retail Groups. With a history spanning over 250 years (since 1758), mainly doing business in retail, finance, project development ... in Japan in particular and in Asia in general, AEON has always committed operates under the philosophy of "Customer First". AEON has deployed a total of 12,000 Malls and Stores in Asia Pacific. After opening the first mall in Malaysia in 1985, AEON has now developed around 2,000 stores including GMS (General Merchandise Store), SSM (Hypermarket), CVS (Convenience Store) in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Korea, ...

With the Retail business through the investment and operation of the Malls, General Merchandise Stores and Supermarkets, AEON wants to bring customers convenience, safety and diversity while shopping at AEON with "Under One Roof" model. In Vietnam, AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established in October 2011 to implement AEON's strategy of "Turning To Asia". Specifically, AEON opened AEON Mall - Tan Phu Celadon (Ho Chi Minh City) in January 2014, AEON Mall - Binh Duong Canary (Binh Duong) in November 2014, AEON Mall Long Bien (Hanoi) in November 2015 and AEON Mall - Binh Tan in July 2016, and in the coming time, an AEON Mall will be opened in Ha Dong, and other Malls in Vietnam in the future.

[AEON 1% Club Foundation]

AEON 1% Club Foundation was established in 1989 with the support of subsidiaries of AEON Group. Every year, each subsidiary in the group contributes 1% of profit before tax for the purpose of implementing activities of socio-environmental protection, international culture, human resource exchange, human resource development and training, promotion and enhancement of local community culture, and contributes to rescue operations. AEON commits to always doing its best to fulfill its responsibilities as a citizen of the country where AEON invests and does business.

Since its inception until now, AEON 1% Club Foundation has implemented many activities such as: Donating to support disaster-hit areas in many countries around the world, Contributing to the clean water campaign of AEON UNICEF, Student Exchange Forum at Asian Universities (2010-2014), Asian Youth Leaders Program, School Construction Support Project in Myanmar, Youth Ambassador Program in Vietnam 2007, School Construction Support project for 30 schools in Vietnam from 2010 to 2014, Scholarship program for universities in Ho Chi Minh City (2011-2017).

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