(Ho Chi Minh City, December 13, 2016), AEON 1% Club Foundation in collaboration with AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. held the 6th "AEON Scholarship Granting Ceremony" for students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences & Humanities and Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy with a total value of nearly VND 400 million.

Launched in 2011, that was the 6th year AEON 1% Club Foundation in collaboration with AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. held the AEON Scholarship Granting Ceremony for 56 students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences & Humanities and Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy, with scholarship value of US$290 / student / year. These third and fourth year students in many different faculties and subjects achieved excellent study results despite their difficult family circumstances.

The annual AEON scholarship granting activity is aimed in encouraging students who tried their best to gain good academic achievements despite their difficult living circumstance. Starting from 2006 until now, AEON has awarded scholarships to 4393 Asian students studying at 34 universities in 7 Asian countries. In Vietnam, AEON has awarded scholarships to 270 students at 4 universities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam.

In Vietnam, this meaningful scholarship program has been maintained for 6 years. In addition to the efforts from AEON, the program also received the enthusiastic support and help from partners, staff and the educational departments. Over the past six years, hundreds of scholarships have been awarded to encourage students with difficult circumstances but eager to continue their studies. Although this scholarship is small, it certainly has a great spiritual significance, showing the concern of organizations, individuals and society about the young generation - the future owner of the country, helping them have more energy and faith to perfect themselves more. In the future, AEON will continue to further develop these meaningful programs to support more and more disadvantaged students.

“AEON Scholarship Granting Ceremony" is one of the activities that show AEON's efforts to contribute to society and invest in the development of the young generation. Besides the scholarship program, every year AEON has other meaningful social programs such as School construction support program, student exchange programs, tree planting activities, afforestation activities in many localities in Vietnam ... With the philosophy of improving the lives of people in every place where AEON is present, AEON not only focuses on investment in business but also always pays attention to the quality and living environment; always joins hands with the people to build up the long-term, sustainable development of their localities.

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[About AEON]

AEON is one of the Japan's Retail Groups with a history spanning over 250 years (since 1758), mainly doing business in retail, finance, project development ... in Japan in particular and Asia in general. AEON has deployed a total of 12,000 Malls and Stores in Asia Pacific. After opening the first mall in Malaysia in 1985, AEON has now developed around 2,000 stores including GMS (General Merchandise Store), SSM (Hypermarket), CVS (Convenience Store) in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Korea, ...

In Vietnam, from the beginning of January 2014 up to now, AEON has opened 4 Malls, including: AEON Mall - Tan Phu Celadon in Ho Chi Minh City, AEON Mall Binh Duong Canary in Binh Duong, AEON Mall Long Bien in Hanoi and the latest one is AEON Mall Binh Tan in Ho Chi Minh City.

[Activities aimed at sharing AEON's corporate responsibility in Vietnam]

AEON 1% Club Foundation has implemented many activities from its inception to the present such as: Asian Youth Leaders Program in Bangkok - Thailand in August 2016, Youth Ambassador Program, Environment Forum for University Students from Asian Countries, Asian Universities Students Exchange Forum, AEON Scholarship Program, School Construction Support Project for 30 schools in Hue from 2010 - 2012 ,.

Other programs:

  • The project of afforestation in Hue and Ba Vi. Since 2010 AEON has planted a total of nearly 100,000 trees of all kinds (AEON Environmental Foundation).
  • Internship program for universities in Ho Chi Minh City from 2011 - 2016 (AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. and AEON Credit Service Company).
[AEON 1% Club Foundation]

AEON 1% Club Foundation was established in 1989 with the support of subsidiaries of AEON Group. Every year, each subsidiary in the group contributes 1% of profit before tax to implementing activities of socio-environmental protection, international culture, human resource exchange, human resource development and training, promotion and enhancement of local community culture, and contributes to rescue operations. AEON commits to always doing its best to fulfill its responsibilities as a citizen of the country where AEON invests and does business.

[Information about AEON Environmental Foundation]

AEON Environmental Foundation was established in 1990 to develop its own environmental protection activities such as afforestation programs, encouraging the reuse, recycling and disposal of waste and at the same time contributes to the activities of other organizations with the same goal. If support is continued, AEON will endeavor to continue reforestation activities to address environmental issues. AEON is looking forward to the future of the earth in next 20 years and preparing for our children's future from right now.

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