The top value of aeon's immense beauty does not stay in the sun to bring the Aeon to the best products for customers

Amidst the difficulties of the 1974 oil crisis, major manufacturers announced that they wanted to increase the prices of their instant ramen noodle products, but AEON decided not to accept the price increase because it could not be a clear and reasonable explanation for the client. Aeon started to think about producing its own replacement products to meet the needs of customers. Thanks to its continuous improvement efforts, AEON finally achieved its first success by successfully introducing the cup ramen noodle product under the name of J-Cup, which is up to 30% lower than the same product from other manufacturers and became one of the best-selling products of that time.

Since then, our stores have received numerous requests from our customers. To satisfy customers' high demand, AEON's own brand “TOPVALU” was officially introduced in 1994 to exploit the products they expected on behalf of customers. The manufacturer's name is not shown on TOPVALU's products because AEON has ensured responsibility and supervised all processes from the planning, production and sales of TOPVALU. This is evidence to AEON's philosophy "All for Customers". We implement strict quality management standards for the private brand development process from planning to inventory control to ensure safety and guarantee TOPVALU products. TOPVALU has become one of the largest and most known private brands in Japan and the revenue of TOPVALU products in 2013 increased to 681.6 million Japanese yen with more than 6,000 diverse items.

Currently, AEON Vietnam has more than 100 TOPVALU products from daily foods, home appliances to fashion products. In the future, AEON Vietnam will try to bring more TOPVALU products to meet the needs of customers.