Adapting to the development trends is indispensable for the society in the era of 4.0 technology, especially in the context of Covid-19, which encourages consumers to choose digital utilities. Recently, the retailer- AEON Vietnam continued to launch the service "Semi Self-Checkout Cashier" after only 2 months of implementing the Self Ordering Kiosk project at the General Merchandise Store &Supermarket system of this corporate.

Semi Self-Checkout - an essential shopping style in a new normal status.

Semi Self-Checkout Cashier is a very popular form in modern supermarkets in the world, but in Vietnam there are a very few retail businesses that use because of many factors. However, with the increasing effects of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution on the shopping habits of the consumers, Japanese retailer AEON has stepped up the deployment of digital utilities. Specifically, AEON Vietnam has deployed semi self-checkout cashier to optimize shopping time and improve customers' experience and lifestyle. Especially in the context of Covid-19, automatic utilities help to limit direct contact and are becoming an inevitable trend of the society in a new normal status.

AEON's semi-automatic payment counter has received a lot of support from customers

AEON's semi self-checkout cashier has received a lot of support from the customers Initially, AEON Vietnam has deployed a semi self-checkout cashier at the General Merchandise Store &Supermarket AEON Tan Phu and will continue to expand in the coming time. With semi self-checkout cashier, the customers can both save shopping time, which reduces waiting time at the cashier area, and enjoy many exclusive promotion for cashless payment methods from linked banks and e-wallets: Momo, VNPay, ...

In addition, in the context of complicated Covid-19, the semi self-checkout cashier also helps the customers to limit direct contact with many people in the queue and the cashier counters, contributing to the safety of their health and their families’. Different from other self-checkout cashier, AEON Vietnam still arranges cashiers to assist customers to ensure the best customer experience for them.

Although this is an automatic payment, customers still receive support from AEON's staff.

Ms. Ngo Ha Diem Trang, a busy mother of a toddler when being experienced the semi self-checkout cashier at AEON Tan Phu shared that “Every time I go to the supermarket I am very shy, especially on weekends because I have to wait in line for the checkout turn. But since AEON Tan Phu has a semi self-checkout cashier, I prefer using this counter for a fast, convenient and time-saving payment. I hope that these checkout cashier will soon be widely deployed in many other supermarkets so that customers can have a more proactive and convenient shopping experience”.

Customers are free to pack their goods according to their needs

Digital conversion effort brings many benefits to the customers.

According to the representative of AEON Vietnam, this is the first time that the semi self-checkout cashier has been applied in the Vietnam supermarket system. AEON Vietnam is expected to bring a new and convenient experience to Vietnamese customers; bringing them closer to the modern shopping trend in the world.

Semi Self-Cashier is the next improvement of AEON Vietnam in promoting digital transformation and automatic activities since the launch of AEON Eshop e-commerce site. in 2017. In order to meet new shopping trends of the customers, in recent years, AEON Vietnam has continuously implemented digital transformation and automation activities in both operation and business process from diversified forms of sales method (on AEON/ GrabMart apps, shopping by phone, shopping assist service) to added utilities at the General Merchandise Store &Supermarket, such as Self Ordering Kiosk launched in August and now a semi self-checkout cashier.

Automated and digitized operating methods are a part of AEON Vietnam's strategy in the coming time.

According to the plan, semi self-checkout cashiers will be deployed in the chain of the General Merchandise Store &Supermarket AEON nationwide until 2022. It can be said that the semi self-checkout cashier is one of the efforts in AEON Vietnam's digital transformation journey in the 4.0 modern trend, which constantly increases the experience to improve the daily lifestyle of the consumers.


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