On November 26th, 2019, AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. (AEON Vietnam) officially opened General Merchandise Store AEON - Ha Dong, welcomed more than thousands of customers to experience and purchase new products, services and utilities here.

Located in the southwest of Hanoi, AEON - Ha Dong is the 5th AEON Vietnam General Merchandise Store in Vietnam. With the mission of "Bringing new values to a comprehensive life of a future model family", General Merchandise Store AEON - Ha Dong aims to meet all needs in the life of nuclear family.

1st Floor: Vegetable, fruit and fresh food area: providing convenient and safe products with quality meeting GLOBALG.A.P, VietGAP standards, etc. with many reasonable prices such as vegetables, fruits, fresh seafood as well as traditional sashimi dishes of Japanese cuisine, organic food items. In particular, the lines of semi-processed foods (Ready-to-cook) and processed foods (Ready-to-eat) will help families save time preparing meals every day in a busy society.

1st Floor: Buffet Cuisine Area - Delica: Customers can freely experience the typical dishes from Japanese cuisine such as more than 100 kinds of "Sushi", "Onigiri" (rice ball), "Bento" (boxed rice), "Takoyaki" (octopus cake), etc. and enjoy many typical dishes from many regions of Vietnam such as Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe), Nem Ran (fried spring roll), and Goi Cuon (fresh spring roll). In addition, there are more than 300 types of sweet cakes, drinks, ice cream, coffee, traditional cakes of Vietnam and Japan.

2nd Floor: Glam Beautique: For the first time in Hanoi, Glam Beautique is a combination of AEON Wellness specialty store and famous cosmetic brands such as: health and beauty care products, especially exclusive products, only available at AEON, such as skin care brand “GLAMATICAL”, or functional food line from “TOPVALU”. At Glam Beautique, AEON Vietnam has introduced an in-depth skin analysis service for the first time with a team of experienced staff who will assist in consulting customers with skin and health problems.

2nd Floor: Men's & Women's fashion and accessory area

Fashion area includes 05 small areas, which are "Women's Fashion", "Men's Fashion", "Shoes and Accessories", "Travel Products", "Underwear"; offers a wide choice of products from the latest fashion trends, to basic fashion models, daily underwear, as well as office fashions to meet the various needs of customers.

3rd Floor: Kids Republic: The world of "fun for the whole family" with products for both children and parents such as: children's fashion, including "GIORNO MIMOSA" products - AEON's own brand; toy items with famous Japanese cartoon character designs and lines of prenatal and postpartum maternal care products. Especially in the Newborns area, AEON Mall - Ha Dong provides safe and quality products for babies, powdered milk, and utensils from Japanese brands.

3rd Floor: Electrical, Electronic, Appliances and Furniture area

In this area, AEON Mall - Ha Dong provides products of "Electronics", "Home appliances", "Kitchenware," "Stationery", bringing a comfortable, relaxed and convenient life to families in the busy modern society, in order to promptly respond to the changing living needs of customers.

For the first time in Vietnam, HÓME HAVEORDY - AEON's private brand from Japan will be present at the 3rd floor of General Merchandise Store AEON - Ha Dong, bringing customers a more comfortable life with many decorative furniture products, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, toilet utensils.

General Merchandise Store AEON - Ha Dong will officially open on December 5, along with special offer programs, offering the opportunity to purchase many quality products at reasonable prices, responding to expectations of all customers in Ha Dong in particular and the southwest area of Hanoi city in general.