Students in ATieng commune (Quang Nam) are going to welcome spacious schools repaired by AEON Vietnam and AEON TOPVALU Vietnam, as well as receive the new learning stationery.

With the coordination and support from the Southern Representative Organizations - Vietnam Red Cross, AEON Vietnam, AEON TOPVALU Vietnam and AEON Vietnam Trade Union choose Atieng commune, Tay Giang district in the framework of the post-disaster recovery activities in Quang Nam province which have been implemented since the end of 2020. On April 4th, there was a Groundbreaking Ceremony for repairing Avương Kindergarten and giving gifts to 100 students at Atieng primary school.

Groundbreaking ceremony and gift giving within the framework of AEON Vietnam's disaster recovery activities in A Tieng commune, Quang Nam province

At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Nhon Quy - Head of Communication and Social Responsibility department - AEON Vietnam shared

Atieng is one of the difficult mountainous communes in Quang Nam province. By the end of 2020, the historic flood has seriously affected people's lives and facilities, including the damage to schools that interrupted the learning process of the students.

Supporting activities from AEON Vietnam and AEON TOPVALU Vietnam will help increase motivation, let students feel more secure to go to school, and at the same time, help people in Atieng commune, Quang Nam recover their lives as well as continuously develop after the heavy effects of the storm.

100 gifts including backpacks and school supplies were given to children to prepare for the new school year

At the ceremony, representatives of AEON Vietnam and AEON TOPVALU Vietnam presented learning equipment to students of Aieng primary school (who have a difficult situation affected by the recent floods and rains.) with 100 gifts including: bicycles, learning stationery and bags.

Representative of the local Red Cross Association, representative of AEON Vietnam, AEON TOPVALU Vietnam gave 100 new bicycles to the students.

In addition, in April, Avương Kindergarten will begin to be repaired and renovated areas that damaged by the flood, so that the students can go to school in a more spacious and comfortable environment.

Students at A Tieng primary school receive new bicycles from AEON Vietnam

With the philosophy of "Pursuing Peace, Respecting People and Contributing to Local Communities with Customer as Core Values", AEON Vietnam constantly strives to support the community, working towards a sustainable future as well as providing products and services to meet all the needs of customers.

On December 2020, in order to support the people in the Central region affected by the historic flood, AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd., AEON TOPVALU Vietnam Co., Ltd. and AEON Vietnam Trade Union join hands to donate a total value of 600 million dong. This is the contribution from the staff of AEON Vietnam, AEON TOPVALU Vietnam and partly extracted from the business activities of the two companies.


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