AEON Vietnam implemented a disposable plastic waste reduction project, reducing biodegradable bags by 21% at the General Merchandise Store & Supermarket in the first 9 months of the year compared to the same period in 2019.

The demand for disposable plastic, including nylon bags increases day by day, which makes plastic waste becoming a hot issue globally, directly threatening human health and the environment. Minimizing disposable plastic waste is still a long way from the work of both consumers and businesses.

Always aiming for the sustainable development of the community, AEON Vietnam implements a long-term project with its customers and local people to reduce disposable plastic waste. In the first 9 months of the year, the General Merchandise Store & Supermarket AEON Vietnam have reduced the number of biodegradable bags by 21% compared to 2019.

Promotion for the customers who use their own bags.

The goal of reducing the impact of business activities on the environment through environmental and natural resource management projects is one of the three pillars of AEON Vietnam's corporate social responsibility policy. This retailer has continuously promoted many activities within the framework of the disposable plastic waste reduction project that was launched from September 2019.

This year, continuing to focus on the goal of reducing the number of biodegradable bags used in the General Merchandise Store & Supermarket nationwide, the company has promoted many activities to encourage employees and customers to use less disposable plastic items, creating the habit of "consuming responsibly" by bringing your own bag (personal bag).

In January, 20,000 AEON Eco environmental bags were giveaway to customers who shop at the General Merchandise Store & Supermarket AEON instead of biodegradable bags, in the program "Choose Your Own Bag - Choose Healthy Living". From April up to now, this retailer has launched a program to give 1,000 VND per bill to customers who use their own bags when shopping here.

AEON Vietnam gives 1,000 VND per bill with private bag when shopping.

Not only reducing 1,000 VND per bill, when using private shopping bags, customers also have the priority to pay at the AEON Eco cash register. This is a reserved area for non-biodegradable plastic baskets which is convenient, fast and also contribute to protect the health of themselves, their family and the environment.

Ms. Thuy Van, a close customer of AEON shares that recently, she often brings her own bag when going to the supermarket, which not only protects her health, protecting the living environment but also enjoys many promotion programs.

Not only Ms. Van, but also many other customers actively join in this project. After 9 months of implementation, AEON Vietnam's disposable plastic waste reduction project initially achieves many positive results.

Priority cashier counters at the General Merchandise Store & Supermarket AEON for customers who do not use biodegradable bags.

In the first 9 months of the year, AEON Vietnam reduced the number of biodegradable bags in the whole system by 21% thanks to improved packaging process and interactive activities to encourage customers to use environmental bags and private bags.

In addition, the biodegradable nylon bag is gradually changed into paper bags at AEON Bakery, gradually changing eating utensils to environmentally friendly bagasse at Delica buffet and AEON Buffet program, using paper bags at fried food stalls are practical activities that contributing to positive results.

Since April, nearly 52,000 transactions of the customers and employees of AEON Vietnam use their own bags when shopping at all the General Merchandise Store & Supermarket, with an increase of about 150% per month. This result is an evidence to the spread of messages about protecting health and the environment.

With the strategy "AEON people are role models", the project has been strongly deployed, starting with nearly 4,000 "AEON people" nationwide. Creative activities in internal communication channels strongly convey a positive message about the reduction of disposable plastic waste.

It is expected that in the fourth quarter, AEON Vietnam will continue to promote many new activities and programs to encourage customers and "AEON people" to carry their own bags when shopping. AEON Vietnam continues to promote activities to encourage customers and employees to bring their own bags when going shopping.

In addition, the project also enhances the transmit of information and extensive communication to customers about the harms of disposable plastic waste on health and living environment. In that journey, each AEON employee becomes the seed, spreading changes to colleagues, families and customers for a healthier life.

In every place where AEON Vietnam presents, the company's mission is to bring peace of mind and trust, improve the daily lifestyle for customers, and contribute to the sustainable development of the local community.

With the disposable plastic waste reduction project, the Japanese retailer continues to affirm a strong commitment to joining hands with customers and accompanying the local community to promote solutions to improve quality of our living environment and the community’s health as well as building a sustainable future.


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