AEON VIETNAM Official Channels Announcement


Dear Customers, Recently, AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd (hereinafter abbreviated asAEON Vietnam”) has received information regarding the personal/organizational unauthorized usage of the name and logo belonging to AEON Vietnam for the purpose of impersonation and requesting customers to participate in groups on social media platforms (through Zalo, Messenger, etc.), and/or to directly participate in other groups/organizations to conduct and/or call for transactions to buy, sell, and transfer money to the accounts of the respective fraudulent organizations/individuals. Through this notification, AEON Vietnam guarantees that:
  1. Not related to these organizations/individuals.
  2. Do not ask customers to transfer money under any circumstances to enjoy material or mental benefits such as commissions, discounts, interest, bonuses, or job referrals, vacation tours, etc.
  3. Information related to AEON Vietnam will be posted on official information channels owned and managed by AEON Vietnam as the list here: AEON VIETNAM Official Channels Announcement
  4. AEON Vietnam only contacts customers through official communication channels as mentioned in Section 3 of this notice, in case of the need to advise or support customers on products and services.
Customers, please take caution and under no circumstances should you provide personal information or transfer money to organizations/individuals of unknown origin. In the case that you receive a message impersonating/suspect that it is impersonating AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd., please inform AEON Vietnam via hotline 1800.888.886. Thank you. Sincerely,