On January 1, 2017, AEON Vietnam officially launched the e-commerce site with the advantage of quality Japanese products and TOPVALU brand - AEON's own brand.

With online shopping channel AEON Eshop, customers can easily choose to buy quality products that meet their needs. In addition, customers also enjoy many other offers especially for customers who buy online at in addition to promotions at shopping malls. Specifically, in the first month of opening, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy discounts of up to 50% and many other offers.

Jubilantly opened when shopping at aeonshop

AeonEshop is created to help solve the problem of using Japanese quality goods through online shopping safely, securely and easily because most products at AEON Malls are available at AeonEshop, including sectors such as: fashion, cosmetics, furniture, electronics, home appliances, bicycle, stationery, food, mom and baby… and especially more than hundreds of items with TOPVALU brand - AEON's own brand are being imported and updated continuously. In particular, the mother & baby sector is always high appreciated because the quality criteria for this sector is always at the strictest level and includes many famous brands in the industry. It can be mentioned to famous brands with high consumption such as Meiji, Goon, Moon Baby, Bambi ... originate from Japan.

Initially, AeonEshop only serves delivery in Ho Chi Minh City to ensure attentive service to each customer and commit its criteria:

  • Quality Japanese goods
  • Safe payment
  • Free shipping for orders from VND 300,000 in the center of HCMC (applicable conditions attached)…
  • Hotline 1900 9097 is available from 08:00 - 22:00 daily

In the near future, AeonEshop will continue to expand to the remaining provinces of the South and the North and nationwide as the its goal in the future.

About TOPVALU Brand:

TOPVALU – AEON's own brand is trusted by many customers in Japan and many other countries. TOPVALU has more than hundreds of TOPVALU products sold in the Vietnamese market.

All TOPVALU products are strictly supervised and managed by Aeon in the aspect of quality from the brand development process to production planning and inventory control to ensure TOPVALU's 5 commitments:

  1. Listen to customers' opinions to improve the products accordingly.
  2. Provide customers safe and environmentally friendly products.
  3. Show the necessary information in the easiest way to understand.
  4. Provide products with suitable prices.
  5. Commit to meet customers' satisfaction.