15 - 07 - 2021

Responding the request of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade, from July 13, AEON Vietnam started deploying mobile selling trucks in densely populated areas to reduce promptly people’ difficulties in commuting and purchasing essential products, in the context of the social distancing under a directive 16 in HCMC.

At 7 am on Jul 13, 2021, the first mobile selling truck of AEON Vietnam departed to the selling point in District 3

Beside direct sales activities at 02 AEON General Merchandise Stores in Ho Chi Minh City (AEON Tan Phu and AEON Binh Tan), from July 13, 2021, AEON Vietnam started trialing and deploying 04 mobile selling trucks in urban districts at the request of the City Department of Industry and Trade. Accordingly, the mobile selling trucks come to the selling points in turn every day according to the schedule arranged by the Department of Industry and Trade and the District People's Committees. This activity is to ensure that people in different areas can easily buy essential goods. It’s expected to keep deploying during the period when Ho Chi Minh City implements the social distancing under a directive 16. The Department of Industry and Trade and the District People's Committee inform people about the schedule and the address in residential areas daily.

People buy goods at AEON Vietnam's mobile selling points

On July 13, 2021, in the morning, 04 mobile selling trucks of AEON Vietnam brought essential food items to people at 4 points, in 03 districts: Tan Binh, Binh Thanh and District 3. Each point of sale operates in the morning to ensure the quality of goods, especially with fresh food products.

“I was informed by the ward that there would be a point of sale from yesterday afternoon, so this morning I came to queue up early to buy goods. The last few days the market near my house closed, we still had to limit going out, so the whole family stocked up on dry food, fortunately today we could buy fresh meat and vegetables. I hope that they would sell here often so we can buy fresh food every day. Although it is a mobile selling point, I see that the supermarket side still adheres to the 5K pandemic prevention protocol to ensure the distance for people to come and buy goods." – Ms. Thuc Nhu (Binh Thanh District) shared.

This is a new model and the preparation time needs to be deployed quickly for vehicles, goods, sales plans, human resource and ensuring pandemic prevention measures. Although there are still some initial difficulties, all departments of AEON Vietnam have coordinated well with partners to be able to implement this activity as soon as possible, promptly serving the people.

Representative of AEON Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Nhon Quy – Corporate Communications Manager shared: “AEON Vietnam has and always try the best to ensure adequate supply of essential goods at stable prices for people at all levels of the pandemic; Join hands with the people and authorities of Ho Chi Minh City to overcome this Covid-19 pandemic. We are ready to increase sales points in other areas with needs to serve people when the Department of Industry and Trade and the People's Committees of the Districts request and support."

AEON Vietnam plans to deploy mobile selling trucks during the period of social distancing in Ho Chi Minh City according to Directive 16 to ensure the essential needs of the people.

At mobile selling points, AEON Vietnam ensures pandemic prevention measures under the guidance of the Department of Industry and Trade and the District People's Committee. Sales staff and customers are required to comply strictly with the 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Many people share their need to buy goods in large quantities to serve the demands of many families’ members. However, due to the limited shipping volume of each mobile selling truck, customers who want to buy more can refer to AEON Vietnam's online sales channels (via phone call, via AEONEshop website) or via mobile apps of AEON/ Grab mart/ Now Fresh).

The situation of Covid-19 pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City continues to be complicated. The close of a series of traditional markets has affected people's demands for fresh food items (meat, fish, and vegetables) and dried food. Accordingly, AEON Vietnam has made every effort to coordinate with suppliers, increase stock of essential products as well as ensure stable prices, and at the same time increase human resources to serve customers purchasing through online channels when the number of orders increased dramatically during the past time.


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