AEON VIETNAM continues its mission to enhance the lifestyle of customers in port city


The first General Merchandise Store & Supermarket AEON Vietnam in Hai Phong has just opened on December 14, marking the next destination in the journey of bringing the “AEON quality standard” products, services and shopping experiences to Vietnamese customers.

The "best" and "first" exclusively for the customers of Port city.

AEON Hai Phong Le Chan is the first General Merchandise Store & Supermarket of the Japanese retailer in the Port city, which owns separate parts to attract customers in the "One destination" model with many products, services and private brands, was introduced for the first time.

Not only Hai Phong citizens but thousands of customers from neighboring provinces also come to AEON - Hai Phong Le Chan to experience.

General Merchandise Store & Supermarket AEON Hai Phong - Le Chan welcomes ten thousands of customers in the opening morning.

The largest supermarket area in the Port city meets the needs of daily life with a variety of products, including products from the private label AEON TOPVALU. Ms. Thu Thao (Le Chan, Hai Phong) said: “I am very assured of shopping here because of a variety of certified standard, fresh and delicious products, such as seafood imported from the port, imported fruits with a reasonable price. I come here and I can buy everything for the whole family without going somewhere else. I especially like processed products, which very suitable for busy a housewife like me. "

In addition, the Delica buffet at The General Merchandise Store & Supermarket AEON - Hai Phong Le Chan has the largest area in AEON Vietnam's system nationwide, with more than 300 seats and diverse cuisine styles, outstanding food, offering hundreds of types of sushi and Japanese dishes, especially, indispensable typical dishes of Hai Phong.

Delica buffet food court at AEON - Hai Phong Le Chan attracts many customers.

The date December 14 also marks the first launch of innerCasual - AEON's own private label in Southeast Asia, offering lingerie products, meeting the need for comfort in all everyday activities. The highlight of the products from innerCasual is the skin-friendly fabric studied by AEON Japan with reasonable price.

InnerCasual area - AEON's private label is presented for the first time in Southeast Asia.

Another "best" of AEON in the Port city is HÓME CÓORDY - AEON's own brand - with the largest area in AEON system in Southeast Asia. Customers can come here to shop for home appliances, hot & cold seasonal interior decorations with simple designs, suitable for all interior décor.

In addition, AEON Vietnam also operates two specialized stores, Glam Beautique - the paradise of health and beauty products, and AEON Bicycle - specializing in providing Japanese-quality bicycles and car parts. Trying to enhance the lifestyle of customers - an eternal mission in every place that AEON Vietnam comes.

The business philosophy "Customer-first" is expressed by AEON Vietnam not only through each product and service but also from the smallest things, which clearly demonstrates the Japanese corporate culture in each activity. Many customers who came to visit and shopping on December 14 were impressed when they saw the Japanese leaders of AEON Vietnam and all the staff at the General Merchandise Store & Supermarket the AEON - Hai Phong Le Chan lined up, politely bow at the entrance, welcoming the very first customers.

The management and staff of AEON Vietnam welcome the very first customers on the opening day.

Along with that, with a "AEON quality standard" shopping space, customers can experience from the free parking lot, higher railing than usual to ensure the safety of the customers, or strictly maintain hygiene with specific pandemic prevention measures. Moreover, AEON also understands the needs of mothers and families, the Baby room here is also a big "plus" in the eyes of customers. The free services for the customers of AEON Vietnam are also diverse, such as shopping by phone, shopping at home, free gift wrapping, membership card, Kids Club card.

Not only that, with the desire to develop sustainably with the local community, AEON Vietnam has carried out many activities such as reducing disposable plastic waste by encouraging customers and employees to bring their own bags and limit the use of biodegradable plastic bags; implementing the Sustainable Education for the future generations project to provide antibacterial hand sanitizer, install hand wash sinks and extracurricular activities for more than 20,000 students at 20 primary schools & kindergartens in Le Chan district.

Extracurricular activities of Sustainable Education

Extracurricular activities for students in the framework of the Sustainable Education Project of AEON Vietnam

AEON Vietnam will continue to carry out its mission in Hai Phong in particular and Vietnam in general which are enhancing the daily lifestyle of the Customer and contributing to the socio-economic development of the local, towards the goal of sustainable development.


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