During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, when people were advised to stay indoors, AEON staff still had to work to serve the daily necessities of the people. Overloading of the sudden increase in customer traffic caused employees to work with high intensity while there was a lot of potential risk of infection due to interaction with many people.

Working at a large General Merchandise Store (GMS) with a large number of customers, AEON Vietnam's employees are aiming to "All for the customers" despite being overloaded.

Warm stories from the supermarket staff during the pandemic

“Each of us is very concerned about our own health, we are also afraid of the Corona virus phobia, but in in a certain aspect the customer is the most important thing to us. The fear of insufficient goods, the fear of insufficient fresh fish and meat, the fear of affecting the health of others are the main driving force to overcome our personal fear”.

It is not until today, when the most difficult period has passed that Ms. Vo Thanh Huong, Team Leader of Fish Counter, General Merchandise Store AEON - Tan Phu Celadon has time to remember the image of herself and colleagues during the peak time of the pandemic. That day, although everyone struggled, their shirts were wet with sweat, it was not difficult to find a happy smile on their faces. To her, it is an extraordinary story about AEON staff.

The sudden spike in demand just before the social distance created an overload for AEON's employees

"When I asked everyone," Are you tired? ", The 48-year-old noodle stall guy honestly answered "I am deadly tired", and the 20-year-old fish stall girl trembled "I can't cut fish anymore". Sometimes I wonder how we were able to overcome the terrible pressure of that Tuesday, but it was difficult to express the exact answer” - recalls Huong.

According to Huong, because the pandemic has created the distance between people and people, but for the staff of the AEON General Merchandise store, it is a rope tightening everyone's spirit. The egg seller delivered stuff to the noodle seller, the noodle seller collected vegetables for the vegetable seller, and the vegetable seller clamored because the fish stall is insufficient, even though that was not his responsibility ... The barrier to personal responsibility has been broken down and it is the sole responsibility of the AEON staff to work for a general purpose.

AEON employees added goods to the shelves restlessly due to the spike in demand for essentials in the time before the social distance.

AEON employees added goods to the shelves restlessly due to the spike in demand for essentials in the time before the social distance.

Tirelessly serving customers, up to now, many glasses have been blurred because of their breath, many pairs of green gloves have turned yellow. However, those AEON staff is still wholeheartedly serving customers, hoping to contribute their best in the country's anti-pandemic battle.

Efforts to protect people, stabilize the economy and society in the pandemic period

For the silent "soldiers" to be able to serve the needs of the people in such difficult times, not only the efforts and courage of each individual, but also great efforts from each retailer is required to protect the safety of employees and customers, and stabilize the socio-economic conditions during the pandemic period. Facing the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, AEON Vietnam has taken specific actions to protect the health of its employees and customers, to ensure the supply of all products for the needs of the people, and at the same time contribute to socio-economic stability in the "common combat".

Proactively bringing peace of mind about the supply of goods and a safe shopping environment for people, a safe working environment for employees during the pandemic period, AEON Vietnam has applied many measures to prevent epidemics at General Merchandise Stores. At the beginning of each shift, it is indispensable to have the good prevention facility for the staff to fight with epidemic. Supermarkets and offices are secured in layers with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and thermometers. Not only protecting people, but AEON General Merchandise Stores also applied many measures to ensure the supply of goods not only abundant but also meeting safety standards.

Anti-epidemic measures at AEON Vietnam General Merchandise stores to protect the health of customers and employees

Not stopping there, AEON Vietnam also shows responsibility to the society and the community when willing to contribute to socio-economic stability in the fight against Covid-19 through many meaningful actions. At the beginning of the epidemic, many agricultural products could not be exported, and could only rely on calls for rescue on social networks. At that time, AEON General Merchandise Stores joined hands with the government and the people to support the consumption of those products to reduce the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Particularly for business households and tenants at AEON Mall - Tan Phu Celadon, AEON also reduces rental fees, creates more opportunities for their stores to stay after the pandemic period. The enterprise also regularly observes, stabilizes working environment and takes care of employee's life from office to supermarket. As for the supermarket's operating division, the employees also receive an allowance to make them feel secure to work and accompany the company in difficult times. In addition, the deep gratitude from the Company to the "frontline" employees is a highly spiritual medicine for AEON people who often have to work in a high pressure environment and face to many dangerous risks during peak periods of pandemic.

So far, although the pandemic has been basically repelled, the AEON General Merchandise Stores still maintain preventive measures to ensure the safety of both employees and customers. At any time, the safety and health of employees, customers and the community are always the top priorities of AEON Vietnam. Ms. Huong, an AEON staff, who is passionate about her work proudly shared: “Turnover and profit are very important, but each of us pursues sincerity and kindness to our customers, to our coworkers, to the company and to ourselves. In the future, no one knows if any more epidemics will appear, but the experiences and lessons learned are definitely invaluable knowledge so that every AEON staff can learn and overcome any obstacles”.


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