On the morning of December 14, 2021, in Ho Chi Minh City, AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd (AEON Vietnam) and AEON TOPVALU Vietnam Co., Ltd (AEON TOPVALU Vietnam) had a sharing and connected directly with the domestic suppliers at the conference "Promoting Trade and Investment with the Japanese market - Export orientation and business connection in the new context" organized by the Investment and Trade Promotion Center of Ho Chi Minh City (ITPC).
The seminar was honoured to welcome the presence of Mr. Nguyen Tuan - Deputy Director of ITPC, Mr. Shiotani Yuichiro - General Director of AEON TOPVALU Vietnam, Mr. Kazaoka Takao - Chief Merchandising Officer, AEON Vietnam and suppliers in Ho Chi Minh city and southern provinces.
The conference is in the "Food and Food Industry Product Exhibition Week" in 2021 by ITPC in collaboration with the Food Association of Ho Chi Minh City (FFA). From 2017 until now, ITPC, AEON Vietnam and AEON TOPVALU Vietnam have always worked closely to carry out a series of activities to connect supply and demand in order to support Vietnamese suppliers to improve product quality and meet standards of AEON, promoting domestic consumption through the system of General Merchandising Stores and Supermarkets of AEON Vietnam and aiming to export to the international market.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan – Deputy Director of ITPC spoke at the conference
Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Tuan - Deputy Director of ITPC said: "Connection activities not only help businesses recover soon but also grow stronger, seize opportunities in the new normal. With practical activities in the program, we hope to contribute to increasing the coverage of Vietnamese products to consumers in the Japanese market, providing information to the business community about consumer demand in this market,, the process of selecting a manufacturer for the AEON TOPVALU brand. From there, we eeould like to support businesses to realize the need to improve and improve product quality, design, packaging... to meet the standards and regulations of foreign distributors and create a launching pad bringing Vietnamese goods to international markets.”

Mr. Shiotani Yuichiro - General Director of AEON TOPVALU Vietnam shared about exporting Vietnamese goods to the global AEON system
Regarding the export of products from Vietnam to AEON's retail system in Japan and other countries in the region, the representative of AEON TOPVALU Vietnam, Mr. Shiotani Yuichiro said: “Although apparel accounts for the highest proportion in export turnover from Vietnam to Japan, however, for AEON's system, sales from food products imported from Vietnam accounted for 70%, 7 times higher than garment products, and the potential of this group can be up to 1 billion USD if Vietnamese enterprises can improve product quality and promote the volume of goods exported to Japan.”
Mr. Shiotani also suggested that Vietnamese enterprises can focus on improving their product processing capabilities, applying techniques (eg freezing, drying) to increase the output of agricultural products for export, and at the same time focus on the production of agricultural Vietnamese products with high competitiveness in the Japanese market.

Mr. Kazaoka Takao - CMO, AEON Vietnam shared about the strategy of promoting the consumption of Vietnamese goods in the business system of AEON Vietnam.
Mr. Kazaoka Takao - CMO, AEON Vietnam shared: “AEON Vietnam always focuses on diversifying and promoting the consumption of domestic products, introducing quality products to customers through our system of AEON GMS and supermarkets in the Vietnamese market.” At the same time, we want to make recommendations for Vietnamese businesses, especially agricultural product manufacturers, to improve product quality and meet the requirements of bringing goods to AEON's supermarket and stores in Vietnam, such as: developing a set of standards, applying technology to control the production process; optimize logistics and warehouses to improve transportation and storage efficiency; increase product awareness with customers through brand promotion activities, etc.
Accordingly, specifically for transportation and logistics activities, AEON Vietnam has been operating a Regional Distribution Center (RDC) in the southern region and is currently preparing for an RDC in the northern region. Acting as an intermediary place to receive and store goods, from which to transport to supermarkets and stores of AEON Vietnam, RDC not only improves efficiency but also saves costs to optimize the delivery process between the suppliers and AEON Vietnam when the number of its business locations is increasingly expanded.
Representatives of AEON Vietnam, AEON TOPVALU Vietnam meet and connect with Vietnamese businesses in the seminar
Focusing on and attaching importance to the Vietnamese market right after the Japanese market, AEON Group and its member companies in Vietnam will continue to promote business activities and at the same time support domestic enterprises to improve product quality, aiming to meet international standards for export. Thereby contributing to economic recovery and development in the new normal.