September 10 - September 19, 2019

► Are you a student at University of Architecture and want to create a green future for the earth?

► Do you want to contribute to reducing disposable plastic waste in the world and in Vietnam for the first?

If you are also having questions like that, then the MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - COMMUNITY COHESION contest is for you.

The problem of disposable plastic bags and environmental pollution is always one of the big concerns that society in general and the retail industry in particular is aiming for. Within the framework of environmental activities, AEON Vietnam organizes the contest of “Multi-function Design - Community Cohesion” to find out the best environmental bag designs to apply in reality.

Contest of “Multi-functional Design - Community Cohesion” held by AEON Vietnam in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture to create a playground for design students such as Architecture, Construction, Industrial Fine Arts, Interior Design ... to promote the idea of eco-friendly bags, contributing to reducing disposable plastic bags to the environment.

Students can create their own works to meet the requirements of a versatile, durable, high-aesthetic environmental bag that is able to spread the message towards the community.

3 best works will present to the jury to vote for the first - second - third prize. 10 works with unique design will be awarded Impressionism by the Committee.

Contest subjects

  • Being students of all majors of Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture.
  • Can participate in the contest in the form of groups (up to 3 people) or individually. For groups, there must be 1 team leader representing the group.

Contest rules


With this contest, AEON Vietnam strives to minimize disposable plastic bags and create a better shopping experience for customers with versatile, convenient, high aesthetic and durable environmental bags. Thereby they contribute to the journey of improving the quality of life for the Vietnamese community.

The design must match the following 5 criteria of the contest:

  1. Compact size:
    • Large bag: Length 60cm x Height 50cm x Width 25cm
    • Small bag: Length 40cm x Height 50cm x Width 20cm
  2. Reasonable production cost: From VND 10,000 - 20,000 / bag
  3. Materials: Environmentally friendly, durable, less wrinkled when folded and can be used many times.
  4. Feature:
    • Multi-purpose, not only used to store things when shopping but also can store many other things (for example: clothes when traveling, going to work, ...)
    • There are many separating partitions for products: Cosmetic Chemistry, Dry Food, Fresh Food.
    • Compact, easy to fold / disassemble.
    • Waterproof when storing frozen items (or has a water-proof separate compartment).
  5. Aesthetics, creativity
  • Color harmony
  • The decorative images are eye-catching, youthful, suitable for many ages
  • The message is clear and easy to understand

On September 21, 2018, the Organizing Committee will announce 13 impressive designs (including 3 designs to enter the ring and 10 designs to win the Impressive Design Award) at AEON Vietnam's fan page and email / directly contact the individuals / groups that submitted the entries.

The award criteria were announced on AEON Vietnam's official website and fanpage.

Contest time


The entries must meet the theme as well as the criteria of the contest.

Form of submission:

  • Individuals / groups of participants must ensure their exams contain the following elements:
  • Design files (PS / AI / PDF)
  • Presentation file (Sketch tay)
  • The file showing the specifications
  • The groups submit their entries in compressed files (.zip) and are named according to the correct format: [NAME OF GROUP/INDIVIDUAL]_[NAME OF DESIGN]
  • Email for submission of entries is personal email, subject to format: AEON_MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DESIGN, COMMUNITY COHESION_[NAME OF INDIVIDUAL]
  • Send entries to email:

FINAL ROUND (September 22, 2019 - before 17:00 on September 27, 2019): REALIZATION OF THE IDEA

  • 3 best designs will be realized within 1 week under consultation from AEON Vietnam. 3 selected individuals will send design files and a demo product to the Organizering Committee of the program before September 28, 2019.
  • On September 23, 2019, the 3 best groups / individuals will participate in the AEON Vietnam Tan Phu Press Conference
  • On September 28, 2019, 3 excellent individuals / groups will present their ideas and product to the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee will announce the final results and grant the awards at AEON Vietnam Tan Phu Office

Composition of the Jury

  • Representative of AEON Vietnam Board of Directors
  • Industry director of AEON Vietnam
  • Representative of University of Architecture
  • KOL Ly Truong (Foxtly)

Scoring criteria

The test score will be 30% online score and 70% jury's score.

Jury's Score: maximum score of 100, inclusive:

  • Creativity 25% (25 pts.)
  • Environmental friendliness 25% (25 pts.)
  • Applicability 30% (30 pts.)
  • Aesthetics 10% (20 pts.)

Online score: Total online score will be equal to: scores of likes, comments, shares. Calculated as follows:

  • Viral on facebook of individual attendees, required article content must have program's hashtag:
  • #AEONVietNam
  • #ThietKeDaNangCongDongGanKet
  • #PFC
  • Number of Likes, shares, comments
    • 1 like = 1 score
    • 1 comment = 2 score
    • 1 share = 3 score


  • Likes / comments / shares are only counted when voters like AEON Vietnam Fanpage
  • There is no limit to shares, but only shares in public mode and at least 2 hours apart are counted.
  • All fraudulent acts in liking, commenting, and sharing (spam, hacking) are not counted in the official results.


  • 01 THE FIRST PRIZE: Cash prize of VND 15,000,000, AEON voucher worth VND 500,000 (applied to school supplies & stationery items) and medal of the program.
  • 01 THE SECOND PRIZE: Cash prize of VND 7,000,000, AEON voucher worth VND 500,000 (applied to school supplies & stationery items) and medal of the program.
  • 01 THE THIRD PRIZE: Cash prize of VND 5,000,000, AEON voucher worth VND 500,000 (applied to school supplies & stationery items) and medal of the program.
  • 10 THE IMPRESSIVE PRIZE: Cash prize of VND 2,000,000, AEON voucher worth VND 500,000 (applied to school supplies & stationery items) and medal of the program.

The winning designs will be materialized into bags used at AEON Vietnam's supermarkets nationwide.


  • *The selected designs and finished products from the contest will be owned by AEON Vietnam.
  • **Candidate information and pictures from the contest will be used by AEON Vietnam in the contest's communication activities.