AEON – Binh Duong Canary completes disinfection procedure all employees in close contact (f1) with case in Binh Duong first negative for Covid-19


Dear our valued Customers!

First of all, AEON Vietnam Co.,Ltd. (AEON Vietnam) would like to send our sincerest thanks to all Customers for your trust and support to AEON Vietnam in the previous duration. We also want to express our deeply apology that on 30 May 2021, there was Covid 19 information related to AEON Binh Duong Canary Shopping Mall (AEON Binh Duong), caused concern to our Customers and the Community.

As the mass media have reported about F1 of two Patients (No.7067 and No.7068) that related to Daruma restaurant, tenant in AEON Binh Duong, on 24 May 24 morning, 25 May evening, 26 May and 27 May morning. On the afternoon of 30 May, after receiving information from Binh Duong People Committee, AEON Binh Duong immediately coordinated with the authorities to check the camera, identify and provide information on cases having close contact with F1 of two Patients (No. 7067 and No. 7068).

As of now, 1 June 2021, based on updated information from Binh Duong People Committee, all staffs in close contact (F1) with Covid-19 Patient, relating to two Patients No. 7067 and 7068, tested negative for Covid-19 for the 1st time.

At the same time, on the evening of 30 May, we proactively disinfected all areas in the shopping mall with Chloramin B. 100% staffs, working at store, wear masks and take medical declarations, check body temperature and sanitize hands before entering work every day. Regarding to Covid-19 case, formerly F1 of two Patients No.7067 and 7068, mentioned above, until now, we have not recorded any cases of employees or customers with abnormal health symptoms.

Until the morning of 1 June 2021, AEON Binh Duong has completed medical measures to be ready to serve customers. We will keep updating if there is any new information.

AEON – Binh Duong Canary Shopping Mall conducted disinfection on the evening of 30 May 2021

In addition, right after the outbreaks since end of April until now, AEON Vietnam has proactively doubled the frequency of sanitation in all AEON Vietnam’s business locations, along with the measures to prevent pandemic, which we keep maintaining from the beginning of February 2020. At the same time, we regularly disinfect all areas and frequently contact positions such as trolleys, shopping carts, stair handles, elevator buttons, etc. at all business locations. Besides, all the drop shields at the cashier counters and customer service counters were completely renewed before; to limit the spread of pandemic, ensure the safety and protect the health of Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Employees and the Community. We hope to bring peace of mind and trust to our customers and always look forward to welcoming and serving you.

Sincerely thank you and wish you and your family a lot of health and happiness!

Since the beginning of February, AEON Vietnam has been conducting measures to prevent infection at our shopping malls, general merchandise stores & supermarkets, specialty stores as well as office areas, namely:

1. For the operation of shopping malls, general merchandise store & supermarkets:

a. Separating entry and exit path for customers at all entrances;

b. Equipping and increasing the number of disinfectants at all entrances;

c. Distancing between customers at all cashier counter;

d. Enhancing in-store communications in all Shopping malls, General merchandise stores & Supermarkets; encouraging customers to wear masks when shopping;

e. Increasing the frequency of sanitization, especially area with high potential of direct contact, such as carts, shopping baskets, elevator buttons, escalator handrails, toilets, etc;

f. Equipping droplet shield between Cashier staff, Customer Service staff and Customer.

2. For employees, we have been maintaining the frequency of pandemic prevention measures, from early February to the moment:

a. Requiring all employees of General merchandise stores & Supermarkets, especially cashiers and customer service staffs to always wear mask, regularly sanitize hands to avoid cross infection;

b. Daily body temperature checking for all employees and partners at the Office entrance since March 4, 2020;

Requiring all employees to conduct health declarations in case of either business trip (foreign and domestic) or personal trip.


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