Kỷ niệm trồng thêm 1000 cây hoa anh đào tại Hà Nội Following AEON's 5-year plan of planting 3,000 cherry blossom trees for Hanoi (from 2017 to 2021) and contribute to "1 million trees program" of Ha Noi, on February 23, AEON Group held "The 3rd Cherry Blossom Tree Planting Festival" at Hoa Binh Park (Hanoi).

Hanoi has started implementing the "1 million trees program" in 2016, within the framework of social security programs in Hanoi. Responding to this program with the desire to work together to make Hoa Binh Park become a famous cherry blossom park loved by local people.

The cherry blossom trees grown in Hoa Binh Park are sown from the cherry blossom seeds of Kyushu, Japan, where the hot and humid climate is similar to Hanoi. Therefore, the trees can be adapted to the soil conditions of Vietnam. Some trees planted in 2017 and 2018 have bloomed on the last Tet holiday.

Following two years ago, this year, there were 1,000 cherry blossom trees planted in Hoa Binh Park. AEON hopes to contribute to building this place into a famous cherry blossom park loved by the local people.

Up to now, AEON Group's tree planting activities have been carried out in many provinces and cities across the country with the participation of a total of 3,550 volunteers from both Vietnam and Japan. Those trees have gradually become symbols of the friendship of the two countries.

We will constantly make efforts to implement tree planting activities in particular and environmental protection activities in general to contribute to improving the environment, raising awareness of the community, especially the young generation of Vietnam on the role and value of trees in improving the living quality of community.

Additional 1,000 Cherry Blossom Trees Planted In HaNoiAdditional 1,000 Cherry Blossom Trees Planted In HaNoi

Additional 1,000 Cherry Blossom Trees Planted In HaNoi