77 “Asian Youth Leaders” discover sustainable education solutions in the new normal status.


In the context of the globally Covid-19 pandemic which is still complicated, for the first time AEON Vietnam has organized the Asian Youth Leaders 2020 program online, with 77 students from 9 countries together looking for solutions to improve education in a new normal status.

Maintaining commitment and proactively adapting to a pandemic with digital technology

Facing the Covid-19 pandemic which still causes negative impacts worldwide, by 2020, for the first time in 11 years, AEON 1% Fund has cooperated with AEON Vietnam to organize the Asian Youth Leaders program through a completely new online form. That not only helps protect participants' health, but also helps young people develop online teamwork skills in 4.0 era as well as overcome geographic limitations and increase their ability to improvise to unexpected crises.

The "young leaders" of Vietnam participate in the 2020 program.

Asia Youth Leaders is an annual program jointly implemented by AEON 1% Fund and AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd., focusing on educating the future young generation, promoting international friendship and contributing to sustainable local development. This is considered a great opportunity for all students, helping young people gain more knowledge, develop social skills, confidently communicate and learn about cultural diversity in an international environment. Each year, the program will choose a different topic that is close to the reality and issues which are concerned by the society. In this year's special context, the Organizing Committee has presented young Asian Leaders with a very interesting topic to maximize evoking creativity and transmit a positive message: Suggestions for Educational Improvement due to the influence of Covid-19.

Being held online for the first time with professionalism and strict compliance with safety measures that help AEON Vietnam convey a positive message about its innovation and adaptation efforts to the youth.

77 Young Asian leaders and the initiative to help the education industry adapt to the new normal status.

The Asia Youth Leaders Program 2020 has the participation of 77 typical students representing 9 countries in Asia, including: Vietnam, Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Taking place in 3 days with many interesting online activities, the program has helped young people grasp many practical issues related to the Covid situation such as: The impact of the pandemic on the global economic, social and educational situation and long-term solutions for appropriate education in the new normal status.

The program has the presence of speakers from many famous Japanese universities such as Japan International University, University of Tokyo

After receiving necessary knowledge from the top Japanese speakers, the young people were divided into 10 teams, working together in groups, discussing to come up with suitable solutions based on the assigned topic and then later presenting the group's ideas. Overcoming the geographic obstacles of online working environment, 77 young people have access and developed many skills such as: multicultural teamwork, searching and screening information as well as presenting and arguing.

Through their recommended solution presentations, participants have been practiced in many skills and equipped with the necessary knowledge for the future.

With 3 days of working online together, many initiatives for education in the Covid period introduced by them demonstrated the boldness, thinking ability and dynamism such as: Setting up a flexible curriculum, applying virtual reality technology (VR) to education, creating ways to relieve stress and creative forms to make learning more enjoyable, ... Through hours of discussion and group work together, the program wants to help them raise awareness of social problems and skillfully working in a multicultural environment.

Mr. Yokoo Hiroshi – The Chairman of AEON 1% Fund shared: “Through this program, I hope all young people from Asian countries notice the negative effects Covid-19 as an opportunity to work out the solutions to solve problems together and having their own concrete action.

Organizing an online program amid an epidemic, AEON Vietnam demonstrates its long-term commitment to join hands in nurturing the young generation.

Overcoming Covid-19's difficulties for the 11th year Asian Young Leaders to take place without interruption, AEON Vietnam has made a significant contribution to the development of the community in general and the young generation in particular, help young people prepare the best equipment for their future and become excellent individuals in their chosen field, contributing to the socio-economic development of the host country.


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